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Happy birthday to our favorite idjit!
~ James Norman ‘Jim’ Beaver ~ 8/12/50

Happy Birthday, Jim Beaver / August 12th, 1950

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My thoughts on Supernatural before having started the fandom. My knowledge was based solely on the few gifs I can across from my non-supernatural blogs.

I am sorry for my stupidity. 


Hi, I have a cell phone account with you guys, and I lost my phone. I was wondering if you could turn the GPS on for me. Name’s Wedge Antilles, social is 2474. Thank you.

If the Supernatural Cast was Genderswapped


Deanna (Dean) Winchester:

Samantha (Samuel) Winchester:

Castielle (Castiel):

Young Janette (John) Winchester:

Janette (John) Winchester:

Young Marty (Mary) Winchester:

Marty (Mary) Winchester:

Mike (Meg):

Robin (Ruby):

Gabriela (Gabriel): 

Lucy (Lucifer):

Michelle (Michael): 

Crowleigh (Crowley):

Chelsea (Chuck):

Joe (Jo) Harvelle:

Elliot (Ellen) Harvelle: 

Ashley (Ash): 

Bonnie (Bobby) Singer:

Kelly (Kevin) Tran:

Charlie (Charlene) Bradbury

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Sam and Dean Winchester’s Genealogy


Sam and Dean Winchester’s Genealogy


SPN | Random Gifs that Shows that SPN Fans Does with a Hiatus. Part Three. Click for Part One Two

(Or Part 3 of SPN gifs in which I sometimes question our insanity).